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 Snapshot of Health Disparities in 29203

       Approximately 45,605 people

       83.8% African American

       14.1% White

       0.1% Other

       30% of residents are uninsured

       50% of residents have Medicaid/Medicare

       20% of residents have private insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield)

       30.3% living in poverty: One in three residents live in poverty, twice the poverty rate of SC

       One of the highest amputation rates due to diabetes in the US

       57.1% considered low income

       More that 60% of the population is overweight

       11% 65 + yrs

       Per capital income is almost ½ of Richland Co & 70% of SC

      2010 Inpatient & Emergency Room expenditure: $254 million Total, ER $54 million

      Equals an average of $7,358 per person

      Top Five Non-Emergency ER visits 2010

  §  Pediatric ENT

     ​§  Adult ENT

     §  Asthma

     §  Kidney

      §  Adult Dental

Why this area?

Early during Healthy Columbia's development, the members of the Vision Team agreed that in order to improve the health of a community and reduce costs, greater access to and utilization of primary care was needed.  In order to test community organizing, the Vision Team decided to focus in an area of Columbia that had high disease rates, high costs, high non-emergent use of the Emergency Department, limited access to primary care and poor health outcomes.  A data coded “Hot Spot” map indicated much of 29203 and some 29204.  The Vision Team decided to focus on 29203 first, then reach out to other parts of Richland County, and eventually, all of South Carolina.